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Student finds resilience in poetry

Monarch Project - Carlos Poem

Carlos M. is a Bresee Monarch Project participant. Carlos loves to express himself through music and poetry. Recently, in one of our collaborative events with Miguel Contreras Learning Complex and I Learn America, he recited a poem titled "The Immigrant" that talks about resilience and life as a newly arrived immigrant in the U.S. He recited the poem in hopes of inspiring resilience and hope in a new country for immigrants.

El Inmigrante

Somos grandiosos, amorosos que vivimos aprendiendo día tras día para salir adelante.

La vida tiene motivos para vivirla y con cada pasó que damos, es seguir aprendiendo no vivir en el pasado porque el futuro es mejor que cualquier altercado.

Jóvenes con las agallas de progresar y no bajar la guardia hasta cumplir las metas que Dios ha propuesto hoy para cumplir el mañana.

Seres humanos, navegando en el mundo para encontrar ese bienestar estable con la  adaptación correcta.

Estamos conectados con una sola cadena que nos agrupa con esa misma pasión desde el sueño hasta el intento y expresamos todo con oraciones agradeciendo al rey de reyes.

The Immigrant

We’re great, caring people who live learning day after day how to move forward.

Life has reasons to live it and with every step we take, we learn that we should not live in the past because the future is better than any past trouble.

Youth with the guts to progress and not let their guard down until they reach the goals that God has suggested today to accomplish tomorrow.

Human beings, navigating the world to find that stable space with the right mindset.

We are connected with one single chain that holds us together with that same passion, from a dream to the intention, we express our prayers thanking the king of kings.

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